1006 Turbo tail spinner

The lure has been developed in the United States to catch bass, and there also has gained immense popularity. It soon became apparent that it is also effective in catching other predatory fish. Its popularity among anglers continues to grow, including Europe. In Poland, this lure is commonly called a "spinning tail", it is known in many spinning circles as a "secret weapon". After many tests SPINMAD company introduces its line of this comprehensive bait.

The characteristics that determine its versatility are: * Compacted design allowing for long-range projections, * Constant spinning motion of the wings during all the spinning techniques,

* The possibility of fishing all areas of water by one lure,

* While working not turning veins

Weight :-- 35g

Length :-- 50mm main body ex spinner

Colour :-- 1006

* Vibration bait is well sensed by the angler,

* Tail spin reduces the rate of drowning bait

* Great for fishing under the surface, for jigging and precipitation techniques.

When the fish are active, you will catch them on any lure, but when they are sleepy and they feed less, a stronger incentive to provoke them to attack is needed - there spinning tail will perfect. Rotating paddle transfers vibrations to the body of the lure, which is an additional incentive for fish. Any angler who has targeted pike, asp, perch and trout should have in his arsenal of spinning tails SPINMAD.

Spinning tail can be carried out on three basic ways:

* Monotonous recovery in different parts of the water,

* Jigging in the depths by raising and lowering a rod while selecting fishing line,

* Classic drop - that is, two or three moves of the handle and a drop to the bottom


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